Faraoni s.r.l. has been active in the plastic processing industry since 1967. This has given it considerable expertise in the specific area.

Its production starts from the machining of rigid sheets of Methacrylate, Polycarbonate, PVC, Nylon and Polyethylene.


It has high-tech equipment and systems with full electronic control for mechanical cutting, laser cutting, milling, turning, bending and silk-screen printing, and  machinery for digital and silk-screen printing, all supported by a large number of semi-automatic technological systems in order to go beyond the standard processes on the market and thus make unique products, at least on the European level.


All this is supported and managed by an interface represented by the Graphic Design Sector and an operational technical sector able to meet a broad demand coming from the specific market of plastic processing, including designers and interior designers for home design goods on the architectural and functional level.


The latter market segment, design products for architectural/functional furnishings, became the company’s core business some time ago.


It is clear from what is mentioned above that the company’s plus factors are its remarkable experience,  its vast number of machines and the high degree of expertise of its operators.

Added to this is what is the most obvious plus factor of Faraoni s.r.l., acquired over the years, which lies in its accurate precision in making manufactured products, often customised to the specific requirements of the various designers.


The new Company Policies are epitomised in the FARAONIDESIGN Division, through which the Company opens itself up to the creativity and taste of architects and designers with whom it forges strong collaborative relationships, becoming in fact a technology and trial laboratory serving them in the ‘design elements’ and ‘valuable items’ market segments.